Increase comfort and savings with a water heater upgrade

Prepare your home with an energy-efficient water heater.

Why consider updating your water heater?

All water heaters will eventually fail. When that time comes, hasty decisions may lead to long-term costs and energy impacts of the equipment. This is especially true during the colder months when an inefficient or broken water heater can be extremely costly and disrupt your daily life. To help customers avoid unnecessary expenses this winter, UI is offering helpful preparedness information on ENERGY STAR® qualified water heater options.

Every home has multiple options, which can consist of oil, natural gas, propane or electric. While each unit has its own distinct advantages – which type is right for you?

The benefits of updating your water heater

Select a system that you are considering updating and see the potential savings benefits.

Heat pump water heaters capture heat from surrounding air and transfer it to the tank at a higher temperature. Without requiring additional energy to raise the water’s temperature, this unit is both efficient and convenient.

How can a heat pump water heater benefit me?

  • It is one of the most efficient water heaters on the market and can save an average of 50 percent on electrical water heating costs.
  • It pulls heat from the surrounding air to raise the temperature of the water, ultimately acting as a dehumidifier and cooling your home.
  • It is perfectly suited for spaces such as basements.
  • Instant rebates and discounts of $750 are available to those who upgrade or install a heat pump water heater.

This unit provides hot water when you need it without continually expending energy to heat the water, as with a standard tank-type water heater (which continuously heats its tank, even when it’s not in use).

How can a tankless natural gas-fired water heater benefit me?

  • On-demand hot water – without an energy-consuming storage tank – can trim water heating costs up to 30 percent and ensure even the last person to shower will avoid cold water.
  • These units are smaller than tank-type heaters and wall-mounted, offering you more space in your basement or closet.
  • Tankless water heaters have a long life of up to 20 years.
  • An instant discount of up to $300 is available to those who install an ENERGY STAR®-qualified high efficiency tankless natural gas water heater.

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Ways to save with a water heater update.

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Save even more with energy efficiency rebates

Find rebates available to you

Condensing Storage – Natural Gas

Qualification Criteria
ENERGY STAR® qualified with Thermal Energy (TE) of 0.95 or greater.

Incentive Amount
$300 instant discount at participating equipment distributors.

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Heat Pump – Electric

Qualification Criteria
ENERGY STAR® qualified with Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of 3.0 or greater and <55 gallons of storage capacity.

Incentive Amount
$750 instant discount at participating distributor locations only. $750 instant discount through participating retail stores with address verification. A $750 mail-in rebate will be provided to residential customers who can't validate eligibility in store.

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Tankless On-Demand – Natural Gas

Qualification Criteria
ENERGY STAR® qualified with 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) or greater.

Incentive Amount
$300 instant discount at participating equipment distributors.

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